WSS Influencer Programme

With the upcoming Wealth Strategist Summit fast approaching, we know that when we tap on the collective strength of the community, together we can achieve more.

That’s why we are taking this opportunity to launch our first ever rewards program!

In this round, we are offering the chance for everyone to become better financial influencers. And we want to empower you to do so, with these guaranteed rewards.

Simply put, as long as you refer your network to sign up for the Wealth Strategy Summit at at least US$39, and when at least 3 of them sign up, you are going to receive your first gift to help you become a better influencer.

Details of redemption and instructions are right below so keep reading this page carefully, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

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just What is this about?

As you know, we're really big on referrals.

Even though many of our students refer their friends and colleagues to us, they do so out of the goodwill of their hearts, and don't really expect anything in return. 

However, we believe that this upcoming event can really be a blessing to anyone who is in the financial planning business and would really want to reach out to as many people as possible

So, we know that the community ought to be rewarded with not just any reward, but something that fits with the theme of this event.

Also, just to be clear, this is NOT a lucky draw. Gifts are GUARANTEED if you hit the requirements!

For a start, let's take a look at what we're giving out!


Apple Airpods pro (Worth US$249)

When you're being interviewed, you don't just want to hear the interviewer clearly, you also want to be heard. What better way to do that in style than with these pair of discreet earbuds with active noise cancelling?

All yours with only 35 successful invites!


GReen screen backdrop (Worth US$30)

3 successful invites bag you a simple yet effective way to up your zoom game!


SONY ZV-1 Compact camera
(Worth US$698)

If you have a big organization and can successfully invite 100 of them, not only will you be blessing 100 lives, you will also be getting DSLR quality content in a small compact package! 

Shure mv7 podcast microphone (worth US$249)

If you're planning on reaching out to PMETs in their late 20s to early 30s, there's no better way than to build a podcast. 

With only 40 successful invites, you're going to be on your way to creating one in your own name!

DJI OM4 Mobile Phone Gimbal (Worth US$135)

Create cinematic lifestyle shots while cutting the shaky cam shots! A gimbal can enhance your content by creating dynamic movement. 

All yours for only 20 successful invites!

660 led Professional lighting 2 light package (worth us$200)

No one wants to see a shadow on their video calls and webinars! Light your scenes with this professional lighting kit, only by successfully inviting 30 friends!

and More in the full list available upon registration as an official affiliate!

influencer affiliate programme FAQ

am i eligible? 

As long as you are in the financial planning business, you are eligible. Even if you are not, but know many financial planners/advisers, feel free to sign up. All we ask for is you to not spam your friends with information that they may find annoying. 

Can I track who bought from my link?

Once you sign up, you will have access to your own affiliate sales tracker. The names of people who have signed up will appear in there, and you can proceed to bug those who haven't!

how many gifts am i entitled to?

Say if you manage to hit 200 referrals, you can choose to redeem 1 Macbook Pro, or 2 cameras, or even 10 rode video micro mics if you wish to bless your colleauges instead.  


We only track the last page viewed, so even if you send the link on Monday, and your friend buys from someone else's link on Tuesday, unfortunately, the referral is tagged to that other person. 

This is probably the most fair arrangement, so make sure your friend buys a ticket ASAP!

I'm not from singapore, how can i get my gift?

We will be working with local logistics partners so that we can make this programme available to influencer affiliates all over the world.

what if i want cash instead?

Unfortunately, it's difficult for us to manage payments to different countries. We are only offering these redemption gifts for now, until we find a better solution.

what if i refer more than 200 people to buy tickets?

The main qualification criteria is just the number of people who buy from your link. If you manage to refer 203 people, you can redeem both a Macbook Pro, as well as a green screen, or 2 cameras and a green screen for an amazing content set up!

Can my friend become an affiliate?

While we can support 2nd tier affiliates, we make sure that anyone who's enquiring for this hit a certain level of referrals. AS long as you break the 250 referrals mark, please contact our growth consultants and we'll be happy to tell you how this works!



Sign up for our influencer affiliate programme, powered by Thrivecart! (Sign Up and come back to this page for step by step instructions!)



We've prepared social media images and text for you to copy and paste to invite people in your network, just copy and paste.



Once at least 3 invitees sign up with your unique link, we will be reaching out to you to get your mailing address to Send your gifts to you!  

Read on for detailed instructions to getting rewarded!

click on the sign up link

Start the sign up process by choosing if you are new to Thrivecart, or if you have an existing Thrivecart account

Fill out your particulars

Start creating your Thrivecart account as required, use a personal email address just to ensure we can reach you reliably!


Fill in the other required fields

Finish up with the rest of the required questions. Take some time to make sure your address is absolutely correct. It will certainly help us a great deal in getting your gift to you in the shortest time!


check your email!

Confirm your account by clicking on the link in your email. This helps you confirm you have used the right email too.


log in and get started!

Follow the link in the email to get logged in to your affiliate center.


click on products

Right now there's only one product, but bear with us while we make more available to you!


click on wealth strategist summit 2021

The details and resources on this product will be inside


copy the affiliate link

This link is the most important of them all!

Again, anyone who signs up with your link will be recorded as a successful referral for you!

We suggest copying and pasting this link on your notes app, or pasting it to a close friend immediately so that you'll always be able to retrieve it very quickly!


Get to the resources!

Click/tap on promo materials to get access to all the EDMs, written material for you to just copy and paste, and most importantly, the link to share!


Download and copy the  resources

Let's start with the text that you can just paste together in the most popular messaging apps!

Click on copy swipe text for either of the messages we have written for you that reflects the event accurately.

Of course, you're free to edit this text or even compose something on your own if you want to invite people in your own personal way!


Also, you might want to use our promotional image!

Click/tap on images, choose the image you wish to use in your message, and download it so that you can use it together with your message!


Put everything together in your message! 

You have the image, the swipe text, and the link, just put everything together into a message and share it with all your contacts that deserve to attend this event!