To be a better adviser, investor, and influencer

A 1-Day Masterclass event for financial sales professionals and leaders to accelerate their business growth.


industry experts


unique Strategies


key elements of success


Plus, additional bonuses worth more than US$997

We wanted to make sure you will be getting immense value beyond this session. As such, we told every speaker to offer additional strategies, systems, and scripts for you to just use immediately after the session.

Some of these include:

  • 40-Week Business Breakthrough Blueprint

  • Business Breakthrough  Strategies Video Series

  • Attraction-Influenced based Prospecting Scripts and Advisory Models

  • MDRT and Beyond Manual

2021 hasn't really improved over 2020 right?

Despite all the uncertainty, we have been collecting the most amazing transformation stories. Our community have shared how they have more cases closed, bigger case sizes, and higher production and commissions than even before the pandemic!

The one thing in common with all these breakthroughs? Staying ahead of changes in the environment, by keeping up with new sales techniques, new strategies, and new tools and processes.

With a fast growing population of the educated middle class across Asia, consumers are leaning more towards getting information and transactions online. The recent Covid-19 Pandemic has significantly accelerated the tech adoption across South East Asia.

To stay above the regulatory pressures and ahead of fintech disruptions, there is an ever pressing need to adapt and transform our thinking, our advisory skills, our knowledge on finance and wealth, our workflow and client experience.

That’s why we are inviting all financial sales professionals to be a part of Asia’s most revolutionary industry summit ever.


main objectives

Our vision is for every insurance agent, financial adviser, or even paraplanners to make the transition from product salespeople to wealth strategists. For that to happen, we have built a community centered around constant reeducation through innovative education. We believe that as financial sales professionals improve, the benefits of financial literacy and financial clarity will be passed down to more consumers.

host and headlining speaker

Chris Chan

Asia's #1 Referral Mentor, Business Breakthrough Coach

Meet the creator of Asia’s #1 Referral Revolution Program. Chris Chan has made millions with a handsome 6 figure passive income from his portfolio of investment properties, stocks, private equities as well as businesses.

He has retired since 2011 from providing financial advice to pursue his passion to provide consultancy to companies, mentor some of the best sales leaders as well as sales professionals across Asia to create business breakthroughs.

Chris has been invited to speak at different renowned organisations, inspiring tens of thousands across the region.

Practitioner Speakers

Sharings from experienced practitioners to help you with direct strategies to close more, faster.

Dr U-Jin Chow

TOT Qualifier

Session: Rainmaker Secrets
How one mega case can totally transform your entire career

Aaron Tan

TOT Qualifier

Session: Journey from MDRT to COT to TOT in 3 years
Milestone Mindset and Business Growth Strategies towards TOT from ground zero

Jaslyn Ng

COT Qualifier

Session: Corporate Senior Management and Working Professionals
Strategies and Tips to Win their Hearts and Minds

Caden Chia

COT Qualifier

Session: Advisory using Cashflow Projection
High conversion advisory with strong 5-figure revenue cases from middle income to affluent clients with the utmost integrity and professionalism

Abrial Lim

Double MDRT Qualifier

Bonus Session: Property Market Update
Latest interest rate trends and fresh angles to approach your HDB owner and private-commercial property owner clients to upsell bigger cases using mortgage financing.

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