WSQ Account Management To Close Sales

Unlock The Potential Of Your Sales Career!

Mode Of Training
Classroom face-to-face

Training Duration
16.0 hours (2 days)

Accredited by SkillsFuture Singapore (WSQ)

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Mastering Sales and Account Management: Elevate Your Career with Client-Centric Strategies

Unlock the potential of your sales career with our comprehensive course on Account Management to Close Sales, tailored for both beginners and intermediate sales professionals. This course is designed to empower salespersons with the skills needed to excel in managing client accounts and amplifying their sales figures. Through a detailed curriculum, participants will learn the nuances of understanding customer needs, mastering the art of selling, and proficiently managing projects to ensure client satisfaction and loyalty.

Diving deeper, this course offers hands-on experience in managing diverse clients, crafting personalized plans, and leveraging customer feedback for continuous improvement. Embrace the power of technology to maintain customer information and fortify relationships, setting the stage for sustained success. With practical tips on customer interaction and satisfaction, this course not only aims to boost your company's performance but also positions you as a pivotal figure within your job role. Step into a world of enhanced account management and sales growth – a vital step for those looking to make a significant impact in their careers.

Course Overview

This beginner to intermediate sales and account management course is for any salesperson looking to get better at managing client accounts and growing their sales. It teaches important skills like understanding what customers need, selling well, and managing projects.

Learners will learn how to look after different clients, make plans that suit each one, and use customer feedback to get better. They'll also use new tech to keep track of customer information and strengthen relationships.

The course gives practical tips for dealing with customers and making sure they're happy. This way, salespeople can help their companies succeed and become more important in their jobs.

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What You Will Learn

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  1. Develop an action plan that caters to the distinct needs and operating environments of various customer accounts
  2. Develop a customer service plan that cater to the different needs of the clients with the suitability of the product and service solutions
  3. Devise product and service solutions that meet current and future customer needs based on product sales cycles, client profiles and product performance trends
  4. Determine existing and potential customer needs and expectations, leveraging precise feedback mechanisms and customization strategies
  5. Implement processes to measure and manage customer satisfaction in line with the organization’s approach to customer service performance indicators
  6. Adjust proposed solutions and sales messages to suit various customer’s business needs
  7. Develop strategies to manage and deepen relationships with existing customers
  8. Examine sales performance data and trends to oversee and enhance the sales performance of customer accounts
  9. Examine account management activities to assess their business impact"

Course Pre-requisites

  • Aged 21 years old and above
  • Minimum 1 GCE ‘O’ level credit
  • Employability Skills System (ESS) Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Level (WPLN) Level 4
  • Able to perform basic Microsoft Office functions on the computer

Course Completion Criteria

  1. ​Take and pass all assessments

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