11 Feb 2020

Woes of a Worrywart. Worry-Wart (WHAT)?

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Isn’t it bonkers to go through life, spinning the Wheel of Worries? Every. Single. Day.

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If you were paid a dollar for all these emotional labour your wear yourself down with, attempting to demarcate the dreary disposition and suppress your frenzy, whilst exhibiting a flawless, positive demeanor in front of your prospect, YOU would make enough ka-ching to be a HIGH-NET-WORTH INDIVIDUAL yourself.

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Worry for What?

Please pardon the Singlish lingo. It is a proud heritage of yours truly. “Worry for what”, simply translates into- “why worry”.

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Dear Mr(s). Worry, truth be told, our list of worries are as long as Santa’s Naughty List.

We worry about:

  • Lack of appointments
  • Lack of referrals
  • Lack of leads
  • Clients preferring other Insurance Agents to us
  • Etc.

Needless to say, we cannot avoid, much less eliminate all worries. However, one thing we can definitely do, is to manage worries.

Having undergone Chris Chan’s mentorship programme, “post-Ibrahim” has revamped into a fuller version of himself, what with the newly acquired off-the-wall strategies and skill sets. Ibrahim is made altogether new in his personal and professional development.

Ibrahim is effectively managing his worries by channeling it to Chris Chan.

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I, Robot Ibrahim

After emerging from the chrysalis (“CHRIS-alis”), Ibrahim 1.0 has upgraded to Ibrahim 2.0. He remarked a drastic jump in the overall software performance, with astonishing leaps and bounds in his cases closed.

The IT Evangelist- Chris Chan, uploaded life-changing software installations (exclusively made available via Chris Chan’s mentorship programmes) onto Ibrahim 2.0, which, among other things, included the following:

  • 4Vs
    • (V)erbal
    • (V)isual
    • (V)igour
    • (V)ocal

The downloading of these skill sets, strategies and ready-made scripts are especially irresistible if you experience the painfully familiar problem of lagging performance. Don’t crash, then default to restarting yourself over and over again. Stop running on those unsupported files which don’t offer you the results that Chris Chan’s proven methods would otherwise have rewarded you with.

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