22 Jan 2019

When to ask for referrals (Part 2)

Asking for referrals may seem challenging and difficult to the untrained mind, but if you do properly, it becomes natural and comfortable.

Last time we’ve emphasized your worth in diagnosing financial weakness during the consultation, and it’s YOUR RIGHT to ask for referrals on the first consultation appointment.

So now, you might wonder, how we should start up the topic exactly? Fret not! Here 4 useful points for you to ace your referral request!

Point 1: Facing Your Fear Is the Only Way to Ask Naturally

Imagine you walk into the room for your first meeting with a client. You introduce yourself and then proceed to the meat of your meeting—-your presentation. You are creating value for the person in front of you, So.

when the conversation is coming to end, you know it is time to ask for referrals approaches. You tell yourself not to be nervous, but you can’t help but have butterflies in your stomach.

Let’s pause the scenario! This is the very moment that your referral mindset matters. Do you take this situation as a time of fear or the time of confidence? The fact is, It is totally normal for a first timer to be nervous while asking for their first referrals.

Most of our students in PPP Academy had the same problem while starting off, and we know this process could be scary, or even painful. But your courage of facing your fear can pay off. Once you have that name and number in your hand, pain turns into joy, and nervousness is replaced by confidence. After you gain experience, you will find it more and more natural to start up a referral request.

Point 2: Ask Feedback Questions Before Approaching Your Referral

The timing when you end your meeting is also an important element for a success referral request. As we all know, a happy and satisfied client will always be more open to giving you something back (Including referrals, of course!).

Therefore, what we need now is to make your clients to look back at your conversation and say” Oh yes! It was actually a good experience!”. Here are some tried-and -test lines that can prompt positive client feedback:

“Are you happy with the entire process and the service we have provided so far?”

“Which part of the process do you like the most?”

Let your client themselves draw from his/her personal positive memory of what transpired during your meeting. You will be surprised by the power of mind that once the clients hang on to the positive thought, that part of the experience will be emphasized in their mind.

“Can you see how different your financial positions are compared to before we worked on this together?”

Just like the eye-catching #ten-year-challenge on the social media, successful before-and-after scenarios are always highly effective!

Hopefully it’s not something like this!

If your client has benefited from his/her professional relationship with you, then by all means get that personal testimonial. It will reinforce your client’s belief and trust in you.( Want to know more about creating exclusive client experience? Look up 4 Tips to Provide a Fantastic Client Experience )

Point 3: The Use of Emotionally Expressive Words

It’s impossible to be a great financial advisor, sales or business owners without being a great communicator. Research have found that emotionally expressive words such as “great”, “awesome”, “amazing” could make yourself more involved at every part of the discussion.

Point 4: Setting Up Your MVP

Now, we’d like to wrap everything up with the most crucial point—-Building up your MPV.

Think of it as your most ambitious task that impacts the most people!

MPV stands for your mission, passion, and vision. Your mission and vision establish your purples for today and your aspiration for tomorrow. And your passion will be the fuel for you to reach them.

And when your passion comes to your profession, being passionate means there is nothing else you would rather do than to be sitting in front of a client. Believe or not, your customers can sense that and it makes your service more believable. The truth that people do not buy your service or your product because of what you do, but WHY you do it.

Well Done, You’re Ready For Your Next Appointment With Your Client!

Now, you are ready to kick off your next journey as a professional value creator! Remember, making changes may not be easy, but it’s also not as hard as you think. Start up with setting up your mission today, and practice these tips often, then you’ll be surprised by your breakthroughs in a short period of time!

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