So, What is Syncbiz?


Syncbiz is a personalized and user-friendly mobile application designed to that support all financial consulting professionals to better GENERATE LEADS, FIX APPOINTMENTS and CLOSE MORE SALES.

- Are you looking for a very cost-efficient way to generate leads?

- Are you looking for a very consistently productive approach in attracting customers?

- Are you looking for customers so that you can have an extremely engaging experience?

If you are answering YES! to all, take immediate action and you are on your way to …

1. Be WORRY-FREE and FOCUSED on hitting targets without having to guess if your downline is making the calls!

2. SLEEP SOUNDLY because you have a qualified system in place to help you attract more customers!

3. STAY HEALTHY mentally, physically and in relationships because you will not surrender easily to irrelevant stresses!

4. SMILE MORE and BE CONFIDENT in working towards your life goals!

5. Feel the PASSION and MOTIVATION in driving your PURPOSE in LIFE without having to guess if it will pay off eventually!

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For REAL? Read carefully next on what top business research companies like Forrester found about how consumers buys insurance as you are about to discover where the ship will be sailing to…

Trend #1 - Changes in industry regulation and distribution channels

Finally, roboadvisory has gained mainstream approval outside of the investment landscape, comparison portals have come and gone, and 2021 saw them account for more than 25% of the total policies sold for the first time. Singapore’s regulation sandbox continues to break boundaries and cutting edge technologies no longer face the stigma of being fly-by-night. Cloud computing has become the norm, as the great financial data leak of 2018 brought about the necessity of more advanced data protection for legacy systems.

Trend #2 - Changes in core technology and increase in competition

As more innovative ways were introduced to price policies and help with underwriting, and paperwork being reduced to almost nothing, insurers have reduced back-end costs drastically, and these savings passed on consumers. Smaller insurers which have not bankrolled such adoption suffered revenue decline due to more discerning consumers, who have embraced such changes in the last 5 years.

Trend #3 - Changes in customer behaviour

Customers have been wanting to do their own research and will only speak to you for 15mins or less for the sake of paperwork. In fact, if they can fill in the forms, they would do so simply because they know that as insurance agents we earn a lot of commission from the top management all the way to the junior insurance agent.

What can we learn to ride this wave?

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is no longer enough, as customer SELF-INITIATED ENGAGEMENT is deemed the key to retaining your best clients.

Insurance, especially Life Insurance is still highly dependent on proper advice, so consumers are still aching for the right expertise to guide them towards the right product. Think about it, literally all customers will give you price as an objection. So that needs to be addressed, NOT BY YOU, but the customers themselves. Don’t compete yourself with technology. Embrace and let technology work for you, so that you will still continue keep doing what you do best, help your customers make the right decision.

As a financial sales professional, it’s often told you only need 2 things to succeed, people to meet, and skills to close. In the past, contact always starts off with a face-to-face introduction, but is this the only way today?

How Syncbiz works?

The reason the same ideal dream made over and over again, year after year, is that people tend to give themselves excuses for not achieving a certain goal, like your MDRT. Instead of making a statement, perhaps more people should try using ACTION plans and the right tools. A step-by-step coaching guide to Resolutions 2.0. – Made Possible With Syncbiz Consultant. Are you ready? Take note of these and write it down and allow yourself to visualize it. Without such reinforcement, are you truly taking it seriously?

With Syncbiz, your personalized coach will remind you each time you log in, how much your goals are, and your progress in achieving them.

Remember to set them as soon as you can!

It’s also put right on the dashboard, so after logging in, it’ll be the first thing you see. Every. Single. Time.

Of course, setting your goals is just part of the equation. A simple calculation will reveal that on average a target of $120k of commissions is at least $12k a month if you want to take 2 months worth of holidays. So your job is just to make sure you have $12k worth of cases right?


You need to have more than that to be on track.

With just one place to manage leads, prospects, and clients, never lose a number again

Be it your closest clients, prospects you’ve just opened a case with, or leads whom you’ve had a good conversation with, you don’t have to fumble with finding their contacts and financial situations. Remember information is key, so the more information you have on them, the better you can assess if they have an outstanding need for you to expertly handle.

A very pragmatic approach to sales – just work on those with problems

There’s no point in creating all your contacts, only to find that you don’t have enough cases to hit your bite-sized monthly goals.

That’s why you have to start adding opportunities for every potential client. With Syncbiz Consultant, you’ll be able to track every step of your potential sale. You can then make sure that every month, you have a healthy inventory – just make sure it’s more than your goal (unless of course, you have a 100% conversion rate!).

Suddenly hitting that $12k commission doesn’t look that difficult!

As long as you identify the most profitable opportunities, and make it a priority to meet them, there’s no way you can’t hit your goals now. All you need to do is to start acting on them…

There are no bad salespeople, just people with poor habits and/or poor training. If you tune your practices and regularly use the right tools, success is almost always a certainty. That’s why your next step is to sign up for Syncbiz Consultant right away if you haven’t already done so, and stop making meaningless resolutions that are airy-fairy, but rather, use Synchestra, the all-in-one platform for financial sales professionals. Set your goals and hit them this year!

Let’s rewind back to the typical scenario, you’re at a networking event/birthday party/random night out. Someone introduces you to someone – say he’s dressed in a a navy blazer and jeans. He’s also sporting a huge hipster beard and his name is Steve.

He’s the guy on the right with a skinny tie. Yes, him!

Names out of the way, you guys engage in some small talk about the gathering and he pops the question.

“So what do you do for a living?”

What do you say now?

That should be easy, thank him for asking BUT Don’t tell him what you do, tell him what you’re passionate about!

Use more emotive words such as “My passion is in…” or “My joy is in…” and what I use personally, “I take great pride in…”. In the same sentence, add in…

Who you’re reaching out to (which is a little like him)

He looks about 30 years old (I know I’ll take about 35 years to grow that beard), single (not many women will condone such glorious facial hair), and you know he’s running a business. So you want to make sure he QUALIFIES for your services.

In this scenario, he can be classified as part of a group of business owners, especially those in their 30s-40s. He must be able to hear that and think to himself, “Hey, that’s me!”.

It’s really easy to do, all you need to do is practice a little trying to classify people around you a bit (it could even be quite fun!), and you can move on to…

Why Syncbiz is for you?

It is designed for you to A.C.E.

Syncbiz is meant to help with lead generation and prospecting. Be it passive or active, we believe that if every financial sales professional spends less time looking for new clients, they can spend more time engaging their existing ones, and adding more value. Our users have told us that they’ve never used an easier tool to build a personal profile page. With Synchestra Profile Builder (Included in every subscription), busy consultants are able to build their own online marketing page in less than 10 minutes. When you start using it for the first time, we help you write an introduction biography, guide you with more tips along the way, so that you’re able to share it with your prospects with a single click.

Generating Retirement Prospects in 3 Quick Steps

Creating conversations should not be a problem for most financial consultants. Creating meaningful conversations that lead to business is another skill. We want more people to have this tool to start natural conversations, while keeping it professional. At the end of it, people will be asking you for a solution!

Syncbiz makes sure you have an easier time turning a lead into a prospect and a prospect into a customer! We believe that with the right advisory methodology, be it single needs or holistic planning, advisers can do well by doing good.

Never lose a lead ever again
With other sales tools, what you might get is a generic experience. We know that financial sales professionals deal with much more data than others, that’s why we made sure what you can capture is what you can use to sell more. With our simple contact adding process, you can easily manage all your leads, prospects and customers all in one place. Your company just launched a new campaign for family income protection? No problem. You’ll be able to find those who have this need so that your solution is always relevant to them.

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