28 Dec 2018

Traits of a good leader: Part 2

Our mission is to inspire change through shifts in identity. As many of our graduates are leaders in their organisations, we decided to start this series on leadership, so as to let our graduates move from a position of management, to a position of leadership.The last blog post in this series mentioned some traits a good leader should have. Some of you have given feedback, and we decided to expand on the previous article . Are we ready for more?

Of course, reading a list of qualities alone does not mean you are on your way to becoming a good leader. We want to encourage anyone reading to make actionable tasks based on the following qualities as well.

Encouraging change and innovation

Innovation is vital to any team and any organization. Your job is therefore to encourage your team to emit and test new ideas or initiatives. Use collective intelligence to move your employees forward and forward.

Having Authenticity

An important quality that any good leader must have is authenticity – their ability to stay true to themselves, their beliefs, and their values. In fact, the good leader should not just stay true to himself, but must also be able to properly transfer his values ​​and beliefs to his team.
The good leader must not only be able to effectively communicate his own values ​​and beliefs, but also those of the organization, as well as its overall goals.

Taking care of oneself

The mood is contagious, whether good or bad. A good quality of life will allow you to overcome any challenge in a positive way. Remember to give you moments of relaxation, time to practice a sports activity for example. Your employees will thank you.

Communicating transparently

A good leader must speak with transparency and sincerity in all situations. The integrity is a key to the confidence that is given or not to the people around us. On the other hand, if you know how to be open and transparent, your team members will also feel free to express themselves frankly (take advantage of the feedback). Although it seems obvious, communication skills are considered by most to be the most important qualities of a leader. The good leader must possess this essential skill to be able to reach his ultimate goals.

Good communication skills allow the right leader to be a better negotiator and to better manage and resolve conflicts. Being able to clearly explain a situation and justify the decision does not only make team members more comfortable with the decision, but also allows them to give more credibility to the leader. Ensuring that the team understands its goals will have a crucial impact on their performance and chances of success. Being able to communicate well the How, What, Where, and Why of an organization’s goal ensures that all go smoothly in one direction. Leaders with good communication skills are also perceived as more credible. A charismatic nature also increases the confidence the team has in the abilities of this same leader.

Have convictions

Have confidence in yourself and dare to assert yourself and support your ideas and projects. However do not forget to stay humble and keep in mind that you can also be wrong.

What did you think of this list? Please comment and tell us your suggestions for some traits that you think have contributed to your team’s success! Also, in the next post, we’ll share some traits that you have to fix or avoid at all costs, if you want to be a good leader.

Alternatively, contact our growth consultants to find out more about our upcoming leadership programmes. We are committed to creating real change in the community in our in-class sessions, and hope you see you and your teams’ breakthroughs!

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