07 Dec 2018

Synchestra Profile Builder Top Tips #2 – Your Story

How do you start writing a great story that sells?

Or more specifically, how can you sell yourself, your story, even in person? This is a continuation of what we wrote earlier on with regards to writing your biography.

Do this quick exercise, when you shake someone’s hand at an event, and introduce yourself, how do people usually react? Have you ever resorted to twisting the truth to get a different response? Why?

After hearing your story, do people respond the way they should?
“I’m an insurance agent from P—” *stares at you awkwardly* “Oh I have a few friends there too…”

How strange is that, when not everyone has an agent they buy from yet they always mention their friends working there?

Now before we start talking about why people behave that way, you may want to reflect on what you’re saying first. Start by scoring yourself – out of 10 people you introduce yourself to, how many of them respond the way you want?

Ok, with that out of the way, let’s begin with a very important statement:

People do not buy what you do, but why you do it.

This idea was famously put forward by Simon Sinek, a thought leader who stated this during his TED talk.

See, many people do the same thing as you, and sell the same products as you. Even if you have a kickass sales pitch, there’s a chance that someone else is using the same one, even if you’ve never met before. Most people are just not so unique.

However, the most unique part about you, is your WHY.

No one went through your growth, no one had the same hurdles, no one met the same customers. Everyone in your agency has the same products, but none of them have met the exact same customers, and said the same things to them.

That’s why this is something you can certainly leverage on to make yourself UNIQUE and DIFFERENT!

Before you wonder, “Who tells a story in an introduction”, hear me out first!

Of course, that isn’t the first part of your introduction, I just thought it’s the most important part, so even if you miss everything else below this, you still can benefit.

It’s time to go step-by-step now.

Let’s rewind back to the typical scenario, you’re at a networking event/birthday party/random night out. Someone introduces you to someone – say he’s dressed in a a navy blazer and jeans. He’s also sporting a huge hipster beard and his name is Steve.

He’s the guy right in the middle

Names out of the way, you guys engage in some small talk about the gathering and he pops the question.

“So what do you do for a living?”

What do you say now?

That should be easy, thank him for asking! So what’s next?

Don’t tell him what you do, tell him what you’re passionate about!

Use more emotive words such as “My passion is in…” or “My joy is in…” and what I use personally, “I take great pride in…”. In the same sentence,  add in…

Who you’re reaching out to (which is a little like him)

He looks about 30 years old (I know I’ll take about 35 years to grow that beard), single (not many women will condone such glorious facial hair), and you know he’s running a business. So you want to make sure he QUALIFIES for your services.

In this scenario, he can be classified as part of a group of business owners, especially those in their 30s-40s. He must be able to hear that and think to himself, “Hey, that’s me!”.

It’s really easy to do, all you need to do is practice a little trying to classify people around you a bit (it could even be quite fun!), and you can move on to…

What’s your vision for your unique market?

This, I don’t think we need to help with. I don’t think anyone says they’re out to sell endowment plans, or even to sell investment linked policies! If you’re mostly selling endowments and savings plans, you’re helping your market with short – medium term lifestyle choices. If you’re selling life insurance, you’re creating contingencies for families. Well you get the idea.

Now it’s time for the fun stuff!

Why are you doing this?

This is what we were talking about! This is where you shine and sell the hardest!

If at this point they feel for you like this, you have won a real prospect
If at this point they feel for you like this, you have won a real prospect

Make sure you’re connecting with them, your story has to be personal, yet relatable. Sell to the love of their children, sell to the need to provide for their parents, sell why you are where you are today!

And lastly…

How do you achieve this?

So finally, add in a bit of specifics on the methods! It could be something as simple as the strategy you use. However, here’s a killer tip: make them ask for more.

Here’s an example…

Here’s a picture of puppies for fun!

You must have been waiting for an example right (certainly not 4 puppies)? Now if you do the same thing as your prospects, now they want to ask you how you do so!

Of course, you have to be creative with doing this. You may want to say you use the M.E.L. Method, they may ask you what it stands for because they’re not familiar with it. Another way is to use a really powerful sounding term and they may ask you “Huh? How do you do that?”

The point is to hook them in, so that by the end of your story, they will not just remember you, but they have something outstanding that only you can provide them!

If you have a great story, be sure to use it in your professional profile, especially if you’re on Attract. We will be running contests now and then to find out who’s making the best use of their profiles and who’s attracting the most leads, so stay tuned to that!

That’s it for this tip, so here’s wishing you the best in your financial practice with Synchestra!

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