07 Dec 2018

Synchestra Profile Builder Top Tips #1 – Profile Photos

So you’ve created an account and I’m pretty sure you already have a corporate photo you can’t wait to use as your profile photo.

It might look something like…

Synchestra Profile Builder Top Tips #1
This photo has been touched up to prevent nightmares. My old photo which I find really boring too asdflkjsa sorry I fell asleep on my keyboard looking at it

However, if you look at the other profiles on Synchestra, LinkedIn, even on Facebook where you probably have a page for your financial practice, and compare your picture to the rest.

Does your photo stand out?

How are people going to recognize you?

Just based on your photo what have you concluded about yourself?

Now that you’re done with this exercise, try looking this photo instead?

PPP Academy Founder - Chris
A fine example of injecting some character into a photo! (Chris Chan – Our founder and CEO)

The impression formed of the person in this photo is there’s never a dull moment meeting him, yet, he still is a professional. I’ll be eager to meet someone like this, and I’m sure you would too, even if you don’t fully understand what meeting him is going to be about! (That will be fixed through other means)

Thus, you need to keep to these tips for a great photo!

Have an expression and pose you want to create an impression for

There are many outcomes you want to create for your consultations. Some of you probably rely on having a professional consultation, where everything (the pace, the content, and ultimate sale) will be dictated by you. However, others may rely on their relationships with clients, which really banks heavily on their natural charisma and conversations!

If you want everything to feel more formal, you might want to have a photo looking something like this:

Note how facing straight up makes you look so much more serious

Even though this gentleman’s smiling too, not that facing the front makes him seem bigger and more imposing. He looks ready to get down to business too!

It’s all down to your market as well, if you are primarily prospecting younger people, you might want to look younger and more vibrant!

Credit to Julsphotoimagine25 – https://www.pinterest.com/julsking/

Which brings us to the next point.

Tie your story to your photo

If your photo looks really exciting and there are explosions behind you in it, you don’t want it to go along with a boring regular old story.

Think of your story as the script, and photo as your movie poster – how would you want to portray it?

This is obviously not how the movie goes – credit: http://weknowmemes.com/2013/11/gay-thor-poster-accidentally-used-at-movie-premiere/

That’s why it might be a good idea to write your story first, and see what kind of photo best goes with it. Is it going to be fun, serious, or just plain ol’ professional?

How the same person can have 2 different looks – credit: https://hofferphotography.com/

Don’t be afraid to experiment

The good news, you don’t even have to be an established speaker/consultant to benefit from this.

In days immemorial, people will always associate a a professional with a portrait shot with a suit and a tie. Those days are pretty much gone by now as people are heavily relying on social proof and word of mouth to find someone dependable. That’s why a professional can even look like this these days!

Whooos a good boy?! Credit: Alisha Bacon Photography. http://www.alishabaconphoto.com

If you had a dog you’d be loving this guy immediately! (Or at least the huge bulldog!) Wouldn’t you want to meet this guy instead of a regular “financial adviser”?

We are living in times where people are much more open to lifestyle businesses, where prospects can meet up over drinks in your yacht (hey, never stop dreaming eh?) and not just in a boring office with a huge oak table located in Raffles Place, so appeal to your market’s lifestyle as well!

In conclusion…

Sometimes, the best way you can stand out from a crowd is through good ol’ marketing – a flashy photo doesn’t mean everyone will like it, but those who like it, would certainly like you more. While an impression is created in 7 seconds, you don’t have to start only from the first face to face meeting.

We all pre-judge to different extents, so let your prospects pre-judge you with the biggest impression. If you’re looking to get your profile photos stand out from the crowd, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list, and we’ll let you know when we’re running our next The Brand in You workshop, a half-day session specially designed for financial advisers to position and brand themselves. During the session we’ll be covering what kind of photos you need to include in your photoshoot with your own photographer to make sure you cover all bases for all types of collateral – both online and offline.

If you haven’t already, sign up for Attract so that you can get started on writing your story in a professional profile.

See you soon and wishing you success in your business!

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