Professional Sales Breakthrough Course

Have your leads, prospects and clients to Love You, Trust You and Respect You In the Shortest Time Possible!

Are you tired of begging for sales from your leads, prospects or clients?

Do you face more objections and rejections than making actual transactions?

Do you constantly feel underappreciated by your clients?

We are the PPP Academy Team!

Over the years, we had the ability to journey with more than 16,000 sales professionals in the region. Through our journey, we have helped these professionals more than double their income in the shortest time possible!

Meet your key programme trainer!

Our team's Senior Growth Consultant, Joelle Chong

Having more than 10 years of training experience and achieved her 6-figure sales production!

Joelle is a recognised consultant, working closely with many sales professionals to develop newfound skills and abilities in their business processes. With her assistance, many sales professionals were able to find new methods to get more leads, more appointments and more closing strategies.

She also works closely with sales managers and directors to set up systems for the empowerment of the team.

The truth is so many are struggling and stagnating in sales:

Not many know how to position themselves yourself as a professional in the eyes of clients.

Not all are well-equipped with the right strategies in their sales professional practice!

Not many have achieved success in leading their clients to appreciate them and the work they do


Having to work my way into my 6-figure production, I just knew that there is something that I had done that was right and I needed to share this. "Failure", "Struggling" and "Below Par" is not in our dictionary if only we had the right foundations to our sales process.

Who is this for?

This masterclass is for you, if you:

Are looking to broaden your prospects in sales

Have the willingness to work on new sales techniques to acquire more leads

Want to develop impress and gain respect from your clients but have been struggling to find out how.

Are looking to increase your sales immediately!

Or If you are in any of these professions: Sales Professionals, Sales Executives, Sales Managers, Marketing Professionals Retail Managers, Retails Sales Person and Sales Representatives.

Course Pre-requisites

  1. At least 1 ‘O’ levels
  2. Basic numeracy

Here is what you can learn in the 1 Day Masterclass!

Have Your Leads, Prospects and Clients to Love You, Trust You and Respect You In the Shortest Time Possible!

  1. Finding your internal drivers to why you do the sale: Give yourself a vision, identity and purpose to your career and share it through your pitch to win the hearts of your listeners!
  2. Communicating your P.D.I. to impress your clients before the sales process: To develop your own communication techniques to impress your leads, prospects and clients at first sight!
  3. Discovering ways to find quality leads for your sales process: Discover 10 ways that you can garner leads for your sales & select your clients!
  4. Exploring referrals as a lead generation sales process: Growth hack your sales professional journey and find a shortcut your lead generation process with a Referral script that has helped many get high quantity and quality of referrals!
  5. Developing your situational handling and objection handling skills: Be more than ever ready! Learn to prevent the need to handle the situation by preventing the objections arising from referrals!
  6. Managing your sales activity and keeping yourself on momentum: Get yourself focused and on track to your growth hacking sales journey with strategies and scripts to further impress them! Take Action!

Learning Outcomes

Armed with the knowledge and skills, with faithful application, you will be able to:

  1. Identify a personal plan to professional success
  2. Compare techniques on how to sell with conviction and not out of obligation
  3. Discover the top 10 ways to get leads
  4. Master one of the lead generation methods: Referrals!
  5. Apply techniques to approach leads, prospects and clients without the fear of rejections
  6. Develop an action plan to sustainably improve sales

On top of all of these...

Sign up now and get access to even more! 

Bonus scripts to reapproach your clients to have a renewed respect with you!

Get immediate clarity on your next action plans to improve your business systems!

Get referrals while adhering to PDPA guidelines!

Professional Work Schedule pack more than 10 appoints a day, just like Joelle!

Checklist to develop your very own Professional Sales Breakthrough!

Course Details

Course Duration

7.5 hours (1-Day Masterclass)

Full Course Fee


100% Claimable with SkillsFuture Credits!

Upcoming Course Date:

29th March 2022, 9am-5.30pm, 
(Limited Seats Available)
Face-to-Face Session

Join us on a journey and discover how you can break your glass ceiling by giving yourself a chance to do more!


Develop the right:






To enhance your sales profession and have your leads, prospects and clients fall in love with you!

Stop the stigma behind sales, and start creating your professional sales breakthrough!

Learn from someone who never even wanted to do sales in the first place, and stop struggling in your sales journey!

  • Salespeople are rude, pushy and annoying!!
  • Sales is not a profession at all!
  • These salespeople do not care about my needs, they only want to push what they want to push!
  • Salespeople see their sales commissions as more important than my needs!
  • Salespeople only tell the half-truths, they are not trustable

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