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Chris Chan X Gan Chin Soon

A top agency leader from Malaysia, who runs a top advisory with most of the people achieving at least a convention qualification! Learn how he did it, and what he deems as the one key thing to achieve such success!

Chris Chan X Eric Feng

Watch as 2 masters talk disruptions, distractions and developments in the Financial Services Industry!

Chris Chan X Foo Biaoda

Learn the secrets behind running one of Singapore's top financial advisory teams - boasting 40% Million Dollar Round Table qualification, with more on track to achieve their own award this coming year to come.

#AskChris & Life Hack Series  >

Chris Chan

How To Deal With Prospect Who Like To Compare?

Chris Chan

How To Overcome The Fear of Making Call?

Chris Chan

Lots for Little Life Hack #1

Millionaire Advisor Series  >

Melvin X John

Millionaire Advisor Show #1

  • Takeaways from watching a swimming class
  • Exclusive interview with Joe Jordan
  • How big the fintech revolution can get
  • Share the Millionaire Advisors facebook group and our official page!
  • Question of the day – Are you concerned about the impending changes in the financial industry?

Melvin X John

Millionaire Advisor Show #2

  • Takeaways from the recent presidential elections
  • Exclusive interview with Jonathan Quek
  • Get Jonathan’s books
  • More on Owners Circle
  • More takeaways from your feedback!
  • Share the Millionaire Advisors facebook group and our official page!
  • Question of the day – What are your takeaways from the US Presidential Elections?

Melvin X John

Rest, Reflect & Re-Strategise

  • 3R Strategies on how you can have a successful 2017

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Chris Chan

You need to attend this if you are not on track...

Chris Chan

Amazing Real People Real Referral Results

Chris Chan

Network your way up to the top

Chris Chan X Bryce

Solving Bryce's Prospecting Problem

Chris Chan

About building a Million Dollar Practice

Chris Chan X Chunwai

Solving Chunwai's Lead Generation Problems

Chris Chan - Self Sustaining Success

If you're worrying about leads everyday, you have to watch this video!

Hundreds of testimonials, all heartfelt, genuine and thankful for what they received at our programmes!

Daries Ng

Daniel Wu

Michael Vandol

Abrial Lim



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