Melvin's Story


“I see Marketing as Sales with a prettier face, a wider audience and a pushier pitch. Now all that’s lacking is the paperwork.”

After graduating with a degree in Information Systems and Management, looking to fulfil his passion in Marketing, Melvin found his first job in a marketing and advertising agency. After spending 2 years and still not satisfied with his income, he pursued sales roles, first in a bank, then joining an insurance agency.

Melvin started his career inPPP Academyas a Marketing specialist, overseeing a series of branding material for leaders in a leading wealth advisory group.

Since then, for the past 3 years, he has been empowering financial professionals in lead generation from improved branding. Today, he plays the role of a Growth Hacker. As a Digital Marketing Strategist with many years of banking and financial advisory experience. He is largely responsible for the design as well as strategizing the success of our ROI driven marketing and fintech solutions.


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