07 Jun 2019

Lead Generation Problems: How We Helped Chun Wai Attain Higher ROI Through Referrals

Lead generation is a vital lifeline for sales growth. Yet, it remains a common problem most of us identify with. Have you been generating a constant stream of unqualified leads? Or perhaps, you’re acquiring quality leads but at an inconsistent pace?

How then am I able to attain sufficient quality leads every month?

This was the same initial challenge faced by Lai Chun Wai – one of our recent MAP graduates. Above all, one of the keys to sustainability lies in adopting the referral-based practice! Keep on reading to find out how Chun Wai attained his first breakthrough in lead generation!

Who is Chun Wai?

Chun Wai has been practising in the financial services industry for the past 3 years. Fun fact: He first started out his career as an undergraduate in NTU! At this moment, Chun Wai devotes his time and expertise to help millennials jumpstart their financial journey.


Let’s review deeper into some of the setbacks Chun Wai faced before he enrolled in MAP (Millionaire Advisor Programme) back in March 2019.

Lead Generation Issue #1: Unqualified leads and connections

Firstly, Chun Wai was stuck in a vicious cycle of ringing up his old friends for appointments. Likewise, rekindling friendships over an awkward phone call can often lead to demoralising rejections. This is especially true in Chun Wai’s case as he felt confined in his comfort zone.

Lead Generation Issue #2: Spending too much on inefficient prospecting methods

Lead Generation Problems: How We Helped Chun Wai Attain Higher ROI Through Referrals

Moving on, Chun Wai gradually went all out to expand his network. Yet, he invested money and numerous man hours into inefficient prospecting methods. As a result, his door-knocking and roadshow efforts left him with nothing but unqualified leads. In fact, Chun Wai just wasn’t able to gain the desired ROI despite pumping in plenty of sales resources.


Transformation Point #1: Utilising the Passion Pitch

The Passion Pitch was a structure that Chris trained Chun Wai in delivering. Furthermore, the typical elevator pitch used is often bombarded with logic. In fact, qualified clients respond better towards passion. Don’t you agree?

“The Passion Pitch sets you aside from the 99% of other financial advisors out there.” – Chun Wai

Transformation Point #2: 7-Step Fact-Finding Process

Lead Generation Problems: How We Helped Chun Wai Attain Higher ROI Through Referrals

Chun Wai found the learning and application of this process to be the most enjoyable during the programme. As a result, the 7-step process helped Chun Wai to lead and influence his clients to naturally buy-in.

“Often, I’m unsure as to where to lead my clients to. But, with this system in place, I was able to guide myself to guide my prospects in identifying their financial problems. – Chun Wai

Transformation Point #3: The Insurance Bell Curve

In addition, Chun Wai also learnt about the insurance bell curve model taught specially in MAP. This was a value-add that Chun Wai could bring to his clients by pinpointing the gaps in their existing policies. The fact that he was able to show how they could get higher coverage at affordable premiums impressed the client way more!

Now, that itself is a differentiating point of Chun Wai, which allowed his clients to confidently refer him!

“They (clients) would feel that you are someone who is very different from other advisors. And that, you actually care to help them save money through that model.” – Chun Wai

Chun Wai’s Lead Generation Breakthrough

Lead Generation Problems: How We Helped Chun Wai Attain Higher ROI Through Referrals

In a nutshell, Chun Wai managed to apply these 3 techniques taught into his practice while adopting the referral-asking system.

Within the first 30 days post-MAP, Chun Wai managed to attain 25 referrals and close 3 good cases. He even mentioned how his clients actually went forth to list referrals without a single push – because of the value-add he has proven to them. Furthermore, these immediate results allowed Chun Wai to gain back his initial investments on MAP.

Some words of wisdom…

As a former basketball captain himself, Chun Wai is known to be someone who is exceptionally driven and determined to do well. We asked him what were some of the key pointers for anyone in the financial industry, and this was what he had to say.

Assess the current stage you’re at now. Whether you’re a high-flyer or are deep in a pitfall, being in the financial services industry is a life-long journey. You should always be forward-looking to the opportunities to learn from your setbacks as you earn. Likewise, listen to that voice in your head and take that unconventional leap of faith if you’re up for it.

Finally, take the chances – only you have the power to become a better version of yourself!

So, what is that leap of faith that you’ve been hesitating to take?

Look out for our next case study so you’ll always be in the know of present-day strategies in financial advisory!

Alternatively, contact our growth consultants to find out more about our upcoming masterclasses and programmes. We are committed to creating real change in the community in our in-class sessions, and hope to see you and your teams’ breakthroughs!

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