How You Can Work Around Your Limitations Not Limit Your Work

How have you been dealing with working from home, while your children (or even parents or spouse) are constantly getting your attention? Maybe you’re constantly worried about your family’s or even your own health too! Or maybe you’re just miffed that you can’t even go out for a haircut (like me)!

Hopefully all the gentlemen look like this after MCO/Circuit Breaker

It’s tough isn’t it?

Some of you have told us you are not only struggling to fix online appointments, but even as you fix them online, getting a sale is also another challenge.There might be a way out of this, but you have to read on…

As the pandemic situation continues to escalate,the worst might not be behind us!Even though financial markets have recovered after the initial sharp drop, it might just be a dead cat bounce. As clients (or even you!) get worried and fearful about the situation ahead, they are likely to want to concentrate on keeping their job, and not handling their financial planning needs!

This might have scared some folks!

So you might be even more affected than them!

However, now is not the time to wallow and just complete Netflix, but to find out what you can do to improve your business in spite of what’s happening around us.

In the past month or so, we have been constantly creatingnew programs onlineso that we can solve some of these problems with scripts specially crafted for this situation!

One of them which has been getting great response isStepping Up Without Stepping Out.

Anyone who has attended our sessions either on Facebook Live or other private sessions have found thatthe. scripts. work.

For those who have attended, great for you, we can only hope that you put knowledge into action immediately.

For those who haven’t, I highly encourage you to watch this session in our next Webinar.It’s availablehere, and might just give some insight into what you can do right now to solve some of these issues you might be facing.

Lastly, I’d like to encourage you with this, take this time to show more care and concern to your prospects and existing clients. This pandemic is only temporary, but how you deal with it, your mindset, any skills learnt is permanent. This once-in-a-lifetime crisis may even result in a life-long lesson learnt,AS LONG AS YOU TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT.

And you can do so right now by just clicking the link below!

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