Good Debt, Bad Debt!

Principles used by Mortgage Specialists to Help Clients Save Money in the Long Term!

Good Debt, Bad Debt Seminar

3rd December, Thursday | 10am – 1pm
Via Zoom Conference!

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While there are many aspects to financing in the financial in the industry, there is but one finance decision that everyone will encounter:


Before fully understanding the implications of loans and mortgages, many often jump the gun into trying to resolve these issues that they are facing:

  • How much mortgage loan am I entitled to take?
  • How much can I afford?
  • How much should I take before it is unwise?
  • HDB loans or bank loans? Which one is better?
  • Which bank / where should I take my loans from with the lowest interests?

There is Nothing Wrong Asking These Questions BUT

Mortgages are the simplistic way of putting ourselves into a Debt in order to afford to own a big ticketed item, our home.
Before we jump into engaging into loans ourselves, we need to know what type of debt can we get ourselves into! 

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In the upcoming: GOOD DEBT, BAD DEBT

Good Debt, Bad Debt Seminar

3rd December 2020, Thursday | 10am – 1pm
Via Zoom Conference!

You will be learning on how to:


  • Identify a Good Debt from a Bad Debt.
  • Stay away from Bad Debts in these 3 ways!
  • Help friends, families and clients around us to be saved from Bad Debts.
  • Action steps on how we can actively remove our Bad Debts.
  • Identify Good Debts and Leverage on the time NOW to invest in Good Debts.
  • Leverage on Mortgage Refinancing foundations to create valuable transactions!
  • Financial Consultants who really want to achieve their targets this year!
  • Financial Consultants who are passionate about their business and really want to add value to their clients!
  • Financial Consultants who wants to create another source of recurring income for themselves.


Abrial is successful leader who is truly passionate about this business. Someone who believes in upgrading and always looking to add value to his clients. He has developed a successful team with many MDRT producers.

Here’s an Example on How You Can Help Your Client’s Save Money Through Mortgage Refinancing!

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Good Debt, Bad Debt Seminar

3rd December 2020, Thursday | 10am – 1pm
Via Zoom Conference!