12 Dec 2018


What Millenials Need For Success – A Case Study

At PPP Academy, we are committed to creating success in aspiring entrepreneurs. To achieve this, we believe that it requires much more than just training.

Let’s take a look at the case of Dylan Wong, a young, motivated Agency Director in a leading wealth advisory group with a strong 7-figure revenue team.

His Beginnings

No one starts with success on their laps. He joined the industry in 2014 with a passion to build a self-sustaining financial practice. Fresh out of National Service, he had no contacts, not a whole lot of experience, and none of the training that many veterans would have already attended. However, he was full of energy, drive, and hunger for success.

How could he, as a young, inexperienced chap, achieve what his seniors have done? Firstly, he started his career under the indirect mentorship of Chris Chan. He had never seen this system before – one that was based upon referrals. Adopting a systematic referral process, he soon found himself achieving more than $20,000 income – within 3 months of joining the business.

But that’s not the end of the story for him. He recognized how consistency is key in every successful practice. He kept to the formula, and only after 1 year, was recognized as the top 6% of his industry. His grit and persistence, alongside a sustainable working model was key to his first year’s success, but he knew that he needed something new for his second.

His Biggest Dilemma

He was at that point in time, a newly promoted manager. He could now build a team, but doing it full time, he wouldn’t have enough sales to sustain his income. If he continued doing sales, he would never create an exponential growth in the future.

We’ve seen many managers do both slowly. They usually start with a small team of 2 or 3 people, many of whom do not even have a passion or a penchant for sales. As fast they build this team, they would see attrition just as quickly. We have seen many poorly run teams which have a core of a few people, while the rest just keep quitting and resetting their teams. There’s no team culture, no growth, and no succession.

That was not Dylan’s vision for the team he wanted to build. Back when he started doing sales, he had guidance in selling, now he needed a mentor who has built his own 8-figure revenue practice – and that person was Chris Chan.

His Best Decision

Dylan decided to heed his Mentor’s advice to focus on the things he was good at, and outsourced all the tasks that he wasn’t. He hired a personal assistant, and started to pack his days with appointments, without spending any effort on prospecting. Yet, he still stuck to the referral process he had learnt earlier, to keep the costs of every new lead low. Furthermore, He established an internet marketing process for recruitment.

Certainly, he spent much more effort, time, and resources than your average first year manager. But one thing he saw – that there’s a difference between spending on something, and investing in something.

His days were packed so full that he had up to 15 appointments a day, while many advisers or managers wouldn’t even manage to pack 15 appointments a week. But since he was concentrating only on the things he was good at and enjoyed, he could keep it going.

In 2016, again, he achieved top accolades for his outstanding performance not just in sales, but was also the fastest growing – as well as the biggest team within his organisation. This achievement would be meaningless if everyone wasn’t doing well – which was certainly not the case for him. He sought not just to be a manager, but to be a coach. He raised his team members to achieve the same results he did the year before, and that gave him even more satisfaction in running his financial practice.

His Brand

While too many people in the financial services sector just concentrate on sales and/or recruitment, Dylan decided to build his personal brand. He understood from our coaching sessions that personal branding is something that can greatly multiply the success of a process. He contracted PPP Academy to work on his branding videos, as well as invested in a series of value-adding videos to reach out to even more candidates.

He took on more speaking and training gigs and made sure that these sessions were well documented. He had his team do the same thing, and today almost all of them have had the opportunity to train hundreds of would-be investors and clients.

These efforts have certainly paid off, as he started with generating 30 interviews in 2 months (which many managers reading would want for themselves already), but accelerated this to generating a steady 15-20 interviews per week! These are results only possible with the use of the right identity, strategies, and principles passed down directly – and well executed by the relevant vendors.

Today, he has not only found success, but has started his search for successors. As the youngest director in his organisation, he also runs the biggest team of full-time productive consultants.

Training vs Transformation

What did you think of Dylan’s success? Was it only possible because he had something that others did not have? Certainly not!
Many people have spent huge amounts on training, attending courses on various topics from closing to motivation. However, there is difference between learning head knowledge and behaviour modification from identity transformation through identity and skillsets to development of habits.

PPP Academy concentrates on the shifting of mindsets to make sure participants can accept new practices, as well as new tools that we have developed to create lasting change. Click on the relevant links below to find out more about what we can do for both individuals and entire agencies and companies.

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