04 Jun 2020

PPP Membership Starter Pack

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Congratulations and welcome to PPP Academy’s Membership. As a free member we still want to give you plenty of value, so do consume these training videos and material with the same seriousness as you would any paid training sessions.

This resource pack will prepare you for packing your work schedule with high-quality qualified prospects. Sounds too good?

Hold your horses, because we’re not just giving them out willy-nilly, you still have to work for them.

So many well-meaning financial sales professionals don’t pack their work schedules, due to not having enough people to fix appointments with. If you don’t have leads coming in for you to qualify, how can you expect to have appointments?

That’s why we have created this resource for you to learn how to acquire referrals right in the first appointment. You can access all the resources required to do just that just by enrolling right now.

We’ll be adding more training material as time goes by, so be sure to log in every once in a while.