Business Breakthrough Blueprint

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The Business Breakthrough Blueprint is designed to guide financial planners and insurance agents through a structured pathway to professional and personal growth.

It encompasses a comprehensive approach to development, covering aspects from vision setting and self-evaluation to strategic business planning and cash flow management. This course is structured around actionable activities and reflective questions aimed at fostering holistic development across various dimensions, including personal, financial, and business aspects.

Upon completing this course, learners, specifically self-employed financial planners and insurance agents in Singapore, will be equipped to:

  • Clearly define their vision and set achievable goals for business growth and personal development.
  • Implement strategic actions to enhance client acquisition, revenue generation, and business efficiency.
  • Manage finances effectively to secure both current and future financial stability.
  • Establish a routine of reflection and continuous improvement to adapt to industry changes and personal growth needs.

Make sure you go through every single step fully before moving on to the next.