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Chris Chan is one of Asia's leading mentors in wealth and success. As the founder of PPP Academy, he coaches the art of client acquisition and team recruitment.

With over 20 years of experience, he has made hundreds of his students millionaires. The systems and processes he has created have proven to yield results across industries, throughout the region.

Whether it's growing a team, growing a customer base or growing passive income, Chris has a method for it.


Chris Chan is well known in the industry as a leading success coach, business owner, property investor, speaker and mentor to some of the best sales leaders across Asia.


After dropping out of school at the age of 18, Chris made his first venture into business. He struggled for several years and at age 23, the Asian Financial Crisis hit him, sending him into a huge debt.

In 1999, he turned to the financial services industry and even that was a trying time for him. He later developed his own systems for professional excellence as well as team-leading.

In no time, his career skyrocketed.


Within months, Chris' team grew from 4 members to 14 members. It later expanded into two teams with 70 members. His team's premium revenue also surged by ten times within four years. This allowed him to peak as a recurring top producer and qualifier for industry-wide awards.

Chris retired as a financial advisor in 2011. Since then, he has been mentoring sales professionals across Asia. He also trains with international platform speakers and public listed company CEOs.

Today, Chris is sought after by many renowned organisations and has spoken to more than 10,000 financial consultants and advisors all over Asia and the world.

"THE Business breakthrough COACH"

To achieve personal breakthrough, Chris developed a series of success practices. For high-performance techniques in the finance industry, Chris has another success system. More than 600 testimonials prove that Chris' models and systems work.

For this, he has earned him the title of “Business Breakthrough Coach”. Whatever works for him, he imparts to his team and his students. Why? Because he firmly believes that people only become successful when they first help others succeed.

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