Create Your Miracle Quarter – Flying Start

when was your last miracle quarter?

We all know how every year starts, you tell yourself, "New year, new me!" You survived the Christmas and New Year parties, blazed through your goalsetting, and are all fired up...

But how are you going to start the year? The Lunar New Year is coming soon, there're so many things to prepare, and visiting the family and friends is going to throw you off momentum.

So you decide to start work only after ALL the festivities.

Before you know it, the quarter has come to an end.

We know you want to stop this cycle every year.

Are you resorting to resolutions or re-solutions?

Try a real solution instead, and sign up for the Create Your Miracle Quarter (Flying Start) Mentorship programme instead, and for the 90 days, you will be hand-held through to your successful quarter.

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What does this programme include?

We know success does not come easy, and it requires more than just hard work. 

That's why we have developed this program to make sure everyone gets the committment not just from themselves, but from us as well.

We're going to be supporting you not just for a few days of training, but also...

  • 1X Welcome Group Coaching
  • 3X Coaching sessions
    • Online group coaching - Moderated by industry experts
  • Forum discussions - Moderated by industry experts
  • Learning Modules to transform your business:
    • Module 1: VIP, Vision, Identity, Purpose
    • Module 2: Entrepreneurship / Mental Toughness Mindset
    • Module 3: Building a professional profile 
    • Module 4: Understanding Your Business 
    • Module 5: Acquiring new prospects with SyncWealth 
    • Module 6: Motivation Based Advisory (MBA): beyond Financial Needs Analysis (FNA)
    • Module 7: Effective and Practical Social Media Strategies for Advisors

Forum Discussions

Our goal is to develop a safe space for every single learner to ask and have their questions answered. Be it scripts, approaches, or even technical support.

Inflammatory remarks will be removed immediately.

This exclusive forum is only for students and will be moderated by our team.