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How to Achieve Targets while Helping Your Clients Save Money!

Imagine being able to cover your production shortfall with bigger cases this 2nd half of 2020! What you lack is a fresh angle to approach your clients and prospects to trigger their interest! How would your clients feel of you can put tens of thousands of dollars in their pocket while placing a bigger case with you?

Here is the truth!

There are 3 key reasons why your clients are not excited meeting you when you call them for policy review:
1. You didn’t successfully developed a professional client-adviser relationship from day 1. Most cold prospecting methods are designed to secure short term transactions, not lifetime clientele.
2. Over the years, consumers have been negatively conditioned that “review” session simply means having to fork out more money for the to future resulting in less disposable cash in the present.
3. Your approach did not manage to create Interest for them to meet you, Desire for them to want your solution and Urgency to take immediate action.

Hence, many a times Financial consultants have to deal with the emotional torment of being rejected and postponed regularly.

Success doesn’t have to be that hard!

  1. Discover a proven strategy to add tremendous value for your clients.
  2. Learn how to open up BIG cases with existing clients
  3. Acquire better quality and HNW clients
  4. Reduce your cost of acquire new clients
  5. Develop another source of recurring income
  • Financial Consultants who really want to achieve their targets this year!
  • Financial Consultants who are passionate about their business and really want to add value to their clients!
  • Financial Consultants who wants to create another source of recurring income for themselves.


Abrial is successful leader who is truly passionate about this business. Someone who believes in upgrading and always looking to add value to his clients. He has developed a successful team with many MDRT producers.

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Here’s an Example on How You Can Help Your Client’s Save Money Through Mortgage Refinancing!