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Imagine that today is the 23nd of September.

You’ll have 99 days to the end of the year. 99 days to incept your final case and hit your yearly goals. 99 days to determine if you’ll qualify for any awards. 99 days to prove that you’re not mediocre. 99 days to stand tall above your peers. 99 days to be labeled a success.

What you do in the next 99 days will be crucial. If you have a plan, you follow it to a T. This is not the time to be experimenting, to be making mistakes, or worse still, to be taking things slow.

The Good News? You Have Enough Time To Prepare Yourself Now.

That’s why we are inviting all financial sales professionals to be a part of Asia’s largest final sprint summit ever.


main topics

The first step in every financial sales and argubly the most important one. Most financial consultants struggle in this step, because they lack the strategies and system to consistently yield results. 

Financial consultants can no longer con-vince people to meet them anymore. Even though there is an increasing demand to create inbound appointments these days, most people don't even know where to start.

How you start your sales process is exactly how you will end it. At the same time, most financial consultants are selling products, rather than using strategies to open and eventually close bigger cases. 

you can expect to receive insights to:

  • Generate leads without excessive rejections
  • Attract only qualified prospects to meet up with you without postponement or cancellation
  • Increase your income 50-100% with strategies to open bigger cases with more prospects
  • Hit your yearly goals even before the end of the year

And you will be hitting your goals with these bonus gifts...

  • 90 Day MDRT Final Sprint Gameplan
  • 365-Day Social Media Calendar
  • Webinar Secrets Training
  • And more...

Headlining Speakers

Chris Chan

Asia's #1 Referral Mentor, Business Breakthrough Coach

Topic: Unleash your Business Breakthrough

Chris will personally equip you with his proprietary strategies to effectively acquire more businesses to achieve your biggest breakthrough in this final sprint despite the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Eric Feng

Social Media Strategist, Global speaker

Topic: Activating The Four Superpowers of Social Media

Through success stories from Eric's KLR community, he will share with you how you can use harness the four superpowers of social media to get repeated sales and new sales at the comfort of your own homes.

Summit Speakers

30-minute sharings from experienced practitioners to help you with direct strategies to close more, faster.

Summit Emcee

Kevin Ong

MDRT Qualifier, Sales Trainer

Kevin Ong, a well established practioner and trainer  who is celebrating his 10th year in the financial industry. Qualified for Multiple MDRT'S, including MDRT in his first year in the business

Invited to speak over 600 MDRT Aspirants from Great Eastern at their MDRT Day 2018 in Penang and Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Summit speaker

abrial lim

Lead Trainer, SyncMortgage

Topic: Closing BIG with Mortgage Strategies

With 99 days left of 2020, there is absolutely no time to waste. Learn the exact strategy which Private Bankers used to close hundreds of Universal Life plans in a single year!!

Leadership panel

Topic: Agency Growth Strategies In Tough Times

Sharing from experienced practitioners to make sure you get the most relevant, up-to-date insights in agency recruitment, productivity, and retention.

james yang


James Yang, a practicing financial planner with over 16 years of  industry experience. Apart from being a 9 time MDRT qualifying member, he is also a MDRT mentor who has gromed several MDRT Qualifiers in the last 4 years. He has consistently been the top 1% in the industry with in depth expertise working with affluent clients.

A Firm believer of Mentoring and training, James is an MDRT Mentor and appointed trainer for financial advisers, banks and Premier Banking bankers for business coaching and financial planning concepts.  James Yang , a National Winner of Financial Planner of the Year 2018 by Financial Planning Association of Singapore.

Firdaus Anuar 

Financial Services Director, Agency Founder

His mission and purpose was to empower the community with sound financial advise as he did not want other families to go through what he went through . Starting as a financial adviser, he was featured numerous times on Berita Harian and Warna 94.2 Fm and has won numerous awards and recognitions. 

He made his way up and now as a Group Financial Services Director, overseeing training, mentorship, coaching and leadership. 

As a father of four children, he believes in living a life full of abundance, joy and fulfilment. His values include giving back to our community, living life at your fullest. He enjoys spending time with is family, learning new skills and reading articles. 


Creator of 100 Days Fast Track Programme, BRANCH DIRECTOR

Biaoda started in the financial advisory business at age 21 and after difficult first year, making only $2000 for the entire year, he outperformed his peers, became a manager at 24 and a director at age 26.

Now with 15 years of experience, he now focuses all his attention in mentoring and people development for sustainable success. He has now personally groomed more than 10 MDRT qualifiers, 2 double round tables and 1 COT.

sales panel

Topic: Tech Adoption For Business Breakthrough

Sharing from experienced practitioners to make sure you get the most relevant sales secrets to producing more in the last 99 days of the year!

Kristine Leechiu-Tan

Unit Manager , Multiple MDRT qualifier, COT Producer

As a 2nd generation Sun Lifer, Kristine has been the proud recipient of numerous awards.

As the Unit Manager of Polaris Producers, she has also been running a productive team. 

A COT producer as well as multiple MDRT qualifier, she is also a 2-time Most Respected Advisor Awardee in Sun Life.  

She is a blissful wife to Brix, and fulfilled Mommy to Kyle, Keith, and Kirk.

Gregory Fok

Financial Services Director, Certified Financial Planner, COT Qualifier

Gregory specializes in working with doctors, business owners and people with sudden wealth as a financial advisor since 2005 and has qualified for MDRT for 14years with 2 years of COT under his belt.

He has spoken at MDRT and been interviewed on numerous media platforms in creating value for his target clients.

 Greg has authored a book entitled “The Merchant of Time”. It is targeted at financially successful individuals and business owners.

He had also taken the leadership role as the Chairperson, heading the Singapore group, representing MDRT, for year 2013-2015.   

His business is generated by 98% through referrals which has been his strength in his approach.

Terence Ng

Unit Trust Managing Adviser, PRS Managing Adviser

Terence has won more than 106 awards and accolades throughout his career with MIM, including the most prestigious Triple Diamond Gems Club Member and Manulife Group CEO Challenge Trophy.

He is the Top Producer Champion of MIM for the last 11 consecutive years since 2009. Terence is currently managing 1,258 investors’ portfolio, with the MIM largest total client fund size (AUM) of RM167 Mil.

Terence is the founder of Buffalo Agency, leading 241 Unit Trust specialists in his team. Buffalo Agency is also the MIM Top Agency Champion for 8 years in running, with a total Group AUM of RM456 Mil.

Summit Itinerary

What can you expect in this value-packed event?


Event opening

Closing big with mortgage strategies

Activating The Four Superpowers of Social Media

Sales Panel - Tech Adoption for Business Breakthrough

Our financial sales practitioners will be discussing how the landscape of financial planning has changed. 

Moderated by Kevin Ong, this panelist track will focus on what you need to be doing RIGHT now to ensure that you can ride the waves of technology and avoid being swept away by waves of change.

At the same time, you will discover the secrets real financial sales practitioners are doing right now to ensure their own sales success.

Leadership Panel - Agency Growth Strategies during tough times

We have selected 3 leaders in the industry to answer your questions and reveal what top agencies are doing exactly to create growth in recruitment, productivity, and retention.

Moderated by an industry leader, this panelist track will allow attendees to learn exactly how leaders are using little known strategies to do better during worse times.

Unleash your Business Breakthrough

Closing Remarks

We'll bring the event to a close and look forward to seeing you at Flying Start 2021!

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