28 Jan 2019

4 tips to providing a fantastic client experience

We all know that the best way to improve is to copy the ones who have accomplished what you want.

As a result, this time our PPP Academy content writing group had a short interview with Chris Chan, our training coach who had made millions from his role as a financial advisor. During the short talk, Chris shared us with 4 key tips to boost sales revenue by providing a fantastic client experience. After all, a happy client is always loyal.

The following are the customer experience 4 E’s provided by Chris for advisors to give a great customer experience:

Engage, Enrich, Empower, Exclusive

 Let’s see what these words stand for respectively.

Engage your clients during the appointment

Imagine a situation which we should all be familiar with during your college time:

An old professor speaking monotonously in front of the lecture stage, while the students phubbing their phone on their chair.

Remember, you are not a lecture deliver but a consultant. You will only bore your clients to death if you only focus on your delivery, take them through every little detail of their financial plans and investment data.

Make your client feel connected and involved at all time. Therefore, a successful presentation flow should focus on your client rather than focusing on your own process.

Add values to clients by Enriching them

In the modern age where information explodes every minute, it can’t be much easier for a person to gain information by just simply have a quick search from the internet (yes, like what you did right now).

As a result, People do not buy information—-they buy insight.

information acquisition cannot be easier these days. As a financial advisor, how to add values to your client?
image provided by Search Engine Land

In order to set yourself apart from Google search, you should make your every appointment an enriching experience of your clients by giving them valuable information, and let them see things he/she could otherwise not have seen by bringing him past his mindset, ideas and limiting beliefs.

This is the difference between you and a cold software machine. Make it your advantage to add value to your client and brand yourself.

Empower your client through your financial advice

As a financial advisor that sales for professionals, we are in the business of empowering others life.

A successful advisor should sincerely inspire our client to feel like he can take control of his future. He/She can maek their clients believe the possibility of making his first million by investing and strategically allocating his resource.

the highest level of a good client experience is to empower them.
image provided by Jetset Magazine

Your clients are not idiots, they’ll know if you honestly want them to succeed. If you’re capable of enabling your client to feel hope for the future, they’ll begin to share your vision of the possibility of something bigger. At that stage, they’ll become one of your most loyal clients ever.

Remember, the highest level of good client experience is to empower them.  

The appointment with you is an Exclusive opportunity for your clients

There is a common mistake among the new financial advisors and sales professionals I met—-they seem to put their clients on pedestal.

The truth is, when you put yourself at a lower level relative to your client, the client will think so too. When they believe they have a higher level then you, then they will never respect your profession and advice.

Make your client feel privileged to be with you, to be your client, and to use your service. You want to make them feel that he has an exclusive opportunity to meet with you.

Make your service an exclusive experience of your clients
image provided by Money Crashers

How do you set yourself apart? Differentiate yourself by continuously improving yourself on your profession, and keep up to the industry in every moment. Only in this way can you provide an exclusive experience for your client that they’ll otherwise not be able to acquire from other advisors.

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