Our students have never spent a single cent, but have made prudent investments, creating business breakthroughs through 3 main drivers:

Training Programmes

Since 2008, we have cultivated mindset changes and created skillset improvements through our training programmes. We believe that raw motivation alone will never lead to results. That’s why we prefer to empower with a long-lasting identity shift, and eventually, a natural change in behaviour.

Find out about our programmes for individuals and corporates here.

Digital Marketing

Since the 2000s, you’d be hard-pressed to find any successful business that hasn’t adopted digital marketing to some degree. That fact should worry any financial practice that hasn’t done the same.

Which is why we have been helping our graduates to increase their reach and prospect with ease, through an ever-growing repertoire of digital marketing strategies.

Fintech Solutions

While a torrent of fintechs are raging against the financial planning industry, financial sales professionals have 2 choices. They can choose to ride the wave of technology or be swept under the currents of change.

While more and more fintechs are designed to disrupt this industry and displace the financial services professional, we have done the exact opposite.

Launched in 2017, we have built Synchestra, the first done-for-you financial planning platform, designed for consultants. To date, we have empowered more than 1,500 insurance agents and financial advisers in Asia – and more to come.



Training is meaningless without real results. That’s why we are proud of our focus on result-based outcomes that we can create in you and your organisations.

Much Easier Than Making Cold Calls

" Now, getting referrals is so much easier than making cold calls... After the programme, I was able to get 50 to 60 referrals a month... "

- James Wong, Senior Life Insurance Agent

20-30 Thousand More in Yearly Premiums

" With that simple strategy alone, just by adding it into my process... I managed to close 20-30 thousand more [in yearly premiums]... "

- Andy Ang, Senior Financial Advisor

I Qualified For My COT By September

" After the programme, I was so inspired and told myself I would be a COT that year... I qualified for my COT by September... "

- Remedios Viloria, Lifetime MDRT, COT Qualifier


Found this experience very different

" Watch our Taiwanese friends' thoughts after their session in Taipei, Taiwan! "

- Xiuhua Lin, Taida Insurance Manager

What do Top Leaders think of our leadership coaching?

" I'm empowered by a proven system and clear direction on how am I going to better lead my team. "

- Ron & Cliff

Accomplished first breakthrough

" Thanks to Chris for his mentorship and coaching.. It is really really insightful.. You will really see result in the stamina itself. "

- Dylan on RRI

- Adam from RRI 48

- Instant Results


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