Our students have never spent a single cent, but have made prudent investments, creating business breakthroughs through 3 main drivers:

Training Programmes

Since 2008, we have cultivated mindset changes and created skillset improvements through our training programmes. We believe that raw motivation alone will never lead to results. That’s why we prefer to empower with a long-lasting identity shift, and eventually, a natural change in behaviour.

Find out about our programmes for individuals and corporates here.

Digital Marketing

Since the 2000s, you’d be hard-pressed to find any successful business that hasn’t adopted digital marketing to some degree. That fact should worry any financial practice that hasn’t done the same.

Which is why we have been helping our graduates to increase their reach and prospect with ease, through an ever-growing repertoire of digital marketing strategies.

Fintech Solutions

While a torrent of fintechs are raging against the financial planning industry, financial sales professionals have 2 choices. They can choose to ride the wave of technology or be swept under the currents of change.

While more and more fintechs are designed to disrupt this industry and displace the financial services professional, we have done the exact opposite.

Launched in 2017, we have built Synchestra, the first done-for-you financial planning platform, designed for consultants. To date, we have empowered more than 1,500 insurance agents and financial advisers in Asia – and more to come.



Training is meaningless without real results. That’s why we are proud of our focus on result-based outcomes that we can create in you and your organisations.

Much Easier Than Making Cold Calls

" Now, getting referrals is so much easier than making cold calls... After the programme, I was able to get 50 to 60 referrals a month... "

- James Wong, Senior Life Insurance Agent

20-30 Thousand More in Yearly Premiums

" With that simple strategy alone, just by adding it into my process... I managed to close 20-30 thousand more [in yearly premiums]... "

- Andy Ang, Senior Financial Advisor

I Qualified For My COT By September

" After the programme, I was so inspired and told myself I would be a COT that year... I qualified for my COT by September... "

- Remedios Viloria, Lifetime MDRT, COT Qualifier


Found this experience very different

" Watch our Taiwanese friends' thoughts after their session in Taipei, Taiwan! "

- Xiuhua Lin, Taida Insurance Manager

What do Top Leaders think of our leadership coaching?

" I'm empowered by a proven system and clear direction on how am I going to better lead my team. "

- Ron & Cliff

Accomplished first breakthrough

" Thanks to Chris for his mentorship and coaching.. It is really really insightful.. You will really see result in the stamina itself. "

- Dylan on RRI

- Adam from RRI 48

- Instant Results


Top companies and organisations have trusted us to provide keynote presentations, corporate programmes, and consultation services. Secure the success of your entire agency force by booking us for your next quarterly event!

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PPP Academy
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Gladys TanGladys Tan
10:23 22 Mar 24
Great location where learning is conducive. I attended the Strategic Business Gameplan and it was a great refresher to some of the courses I've attended. The materials have been updated and I am looking forward to attending re-runs!
Hafsa LaeequeHafsa Laeeque
09:26 22 Mar 24
Chris is a highly engaging trainer who makes implementation easy to understand and follow. I highly recommend his classes to those want a head start and definite success in their financial advisory journey
Zakiah JamaliZakiah Jamali
09:25 22 Mar 24
Very sincere and genuine sharing by Chris. The methods featured has directed my focus back to how I should be planning my year ahead. Thank you Chris Chan.
Shah MisranShah Misran
09:25 22 Mar 24
Appreciate the insights and also eye-opening experiences he shared that helped to bolster up our courage to go to mass/medium income market and HNW/UHNW market 👍🏻
Wong CyrusWong Cyrus
09:25 22 Mar 24
Is a unique experience and is something very practical. It will be good if more time is allocated to the training to get the best out of it. Good especially for new joiners to set the right mindset before embarking to this new exciting journey.
Calvin LeeCalvin Lee
09:43 15 Mar 24
Chris Chan's Influential Sales Mastery Course on referral generation, positioning, and branding is a revelation for our financial advisory practice. The comprehensive strategies outlined in the course have instilled confidence within our team. The step-by-step process promises to revolutionize our approach, ensuring that we not only secure more referrals but also close bigger cases. With Chris's guidance, we're poised for unprecedented success. This course is a game-changer!"
Jocelyn NgJocelyn Ng
09:38 15 Mar 24
Truly beneficial and practical session with structured sales process. Many key takeaways and scripts to adopt for effective results.
Poh Liang SengPoh Liang Seng
09:32 15 Mar 24
Good refresher of sales foundation basics and improve my services to my clients.Learned very structured way of fact finding and presentation to improve my advisory process.
09:19 29 Feb 24
It was an insightful course. As a new advisor, I gained plenty of confidence and insight from prescribed scripts for different scenarios that are common during the course of the business. Looking forward to put into practise these techniques learnt
Ng Lai HarNg Lai Har
09:17 29 Feb 24
Chris is very passionate in his coaching and his methods are very updated and relatable to what I’m currently doing. His methods are really useful and beneficial when we apply them. Not just that, he is supported by a very friendly team providing us with all the warm welcomes and good tea breaks.
darren chiadarren chia
09:12 29 Feb 24
Chris has showcased a deep knowledge on upscaling our positions as advisors and most importantly increasing our confidence as well. The skillsets learn would form a very strong foundation to any advisor who wants to be regarded well amongst clients and friends. Thanks Chris and team.
Wang LionelWang Lionel
14:01 07 Feb 24
Although it's just a one day event, but Chris really try to share as much as possible and highlight very relevant points to let me understand what is important for my business. Look forward to work with Chris.
Clement OngClement Ong
09:07 07 Feb 24
Attended the one day business strategic course and it was really insightful and helpful! Highly recommended 🙂
Celestine LimCelestine Lim
09:07 07 Feb 24
Is a very good first time experience for me attending this one day course. Learnt quite a bit of new perspectives and how to work on myself first. Was also a fun and engaging course!
09:06 07 Feb 24
The training was very detail & practical for new or old advisors. PPP Academy the go to training centre
Joanne LimJoanne Lim
09:06 07 Feb 24
Very insightful tips that Chris had provided. The real detail planning that I’m looking for after 10 yrs financial advisory industry.
Jessen TanJessen Tan
10:07 08 Dec 23
I am a practitioner for the last few years, and i got know about this academy and Chris Chan from my mentor. It took me awhile to decide to come for this course, and there is no regrets. There are so many nuggets of golds that was shared, & there is the personal mentoring and coaching even during the class. I am grateful for all the selfless sharings of expertises and experiences as well as the encouragements.
Abishek SureshAbishek Suresh
10:07 08 Dec 23
Definitely a must attend course if you are looking for a breakthrough in the financial advisory industry. Being a three year MDRT qualifier myself, I wanted a jump to the next level of achievement and Chris Chan is the perfect mentor I was seeking to gain clarity over how I can achieve this by refining my business model.
danny ongdanny ong
10:07 08 Dec 23
I hv attended numerous courses in my past 10 over years as an advisor. This is the most practical course i have ever attended. The work of Chris is of great value to every insurance practitioner of any level!
Ayuni AhmadAyuni Ahmad
10:07 17 Nov 23
Chris and his team were very eloquent and generous with their sharing. They were open to questions and addressed our concerns well. The concepts shared were practical and easy to comprehend. Thank you Chris and team! Looking forward to touch more lives with the knowledge gained from this course.
asyraf soneasyraf sone
10:06 17 Nov 23
It’s an eye-opener course. I feel all financial advisors should attend and experience this, where the basics are covered to the smallest details and the wisdom behind why some things are being done a certain way are shared for us to understand.
Martin WuMartin Wu
09:16 22 Sep 23
As a seasoned practitioner and leader in the financial services industry, I find the Influential Sales Mastery profoundly practical. The scripts and concepts are useful and something I can use and implement immediately.Thank you Chris and Caden.
Zatalyn HoZatalyn Ho
09:13 22 Sep 23
Thank you Chris & Caden for conducting the influential mastery course for batch 17. It provided a comprehensive understanding and perspective from prospects & clients. Both trainers were knowledgeable and engaging, simplifying complex concepts.The course's practical approach with real-world case studies and role play was invaluable as we are able to practice on the spot. The interactive discussions with fellow students added depth to my learning experience.Additionally, the course materials and resources were well-organized and accessible. I feel much more confident in my ability to further my business after completing this course. Highly recommended for anyone aspiring to excel in the financial advisory field. ☺️
Pamela PengPamela Peng
09:20 07 Oct 22
I took the Strategic Digital Marketing course and it was really good. This course will enable you to strategize and have a more focused and clearer targeting for your campaigns. I would say this course is essential to anyone who is doing digital marketing in their business, even if they are hiring someone else to do it. Highly recommended!
Dicky AngDicky Ang
10:11 30 Sep 22
Chris is an excellent coach for both new and experienced financial advisers like myself. He teaches us the processes to ensure that success in our industry is not by chance or a 'flash in the pan'. Well-worth your time & investment!
Claire YeeClaire Yee
10:03 30 Sep 22
Mindset changed for the better! Chris’s revolutionary methods in training has redefined what it means and takes to be a successful financial practitioner in a challenging industry and environment. His open, direct and practical approaches are able to be immediately executed right after the 2 day course. Truly one of a kind, and have not attended a course like this before. Will highly recommend to my fellow consultants to supercharge their growth! Glad to be a part of this community 🙂
brandon tanbrandon tan
10:04 31 Aug 22
Chris taught many valuable insights. The one day foundation course actually relates so much to me especially when i am new in the business. It makes me want to learn even more and i encourage those who just join the business to give then a try. The experience is genuinely different and its not just a lesson but a beginning to your journey in the financial advisory business.
Terence TeoTerence Teo
12:09 10 May 22
Chris is a wonderful and experienced trainer. Having gone through his training, I managed to gain a lot of insights on my areas of improvement. His training session is well structured and scope of teachings is very relevant with all the materials well prepared. Highly recommended for individuals who have yet to attend his trainings.